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DeterTech and Greencoat to host solar crime open day

01 February 2023

DeterTech and Schroders Greencoat will be hosting a solar crime open day on 28th February 2023 at Telford Golf and Spa Hotel, and are extending invitations to members of the solar industry to attend.

Solar crime has been increasing dramatically across the UK, particularly in the past six months, and the cost incurred by victims is increasing exponentially. The solar crime open day will focus on sharing information and intelligence on crimes impacting members of the solar industry. It will also give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns with other attendees and the police, and provide you with practical suggestions on how to improve your security.

DeterTech has been working closely with Schroders Greencoat, to not only reduce crime on their portfolio, but to effectively follow up with the police where crimes have been suffered. Our work together has led to the recovery of a number of stolen solar panels, as well as alerts where there have been significant crimes reported near to solar farms.

To give us the best chance of tackling solar crime, we need to fully understand the problem. Therefore, DeterTech and Greencoat are inviting the solar industry to discuss the ever-changing crime trends that are being suffered, and to give you the opportunity to hear the views of your peers and police officers.

As we unearth more information about solar crime, the industry will be more equipped to deal with the growing threat.

The day will include light food and beverages, so we ask that you inform us of any dietary requirements ahead of time.

To read the full solar crime open day agenda, please click here.

DeterTech and Greencoat hope to welcome many members of the solar industry to Telford Golf and Spa Hotel on 28th February. To secure you place, please visit 'Join our Solar Crime Open Day'. If you have any questions, please send them to

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