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At DeterTech, we are able to provide immediate protection to masts and other telecommunication sites, for as long or short as needed. We also use cable marking to ensure service disruption is reduced, saving you money and keeping communities connected.
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Protect your cable from every angle

Leaders in telecom security.

We are a market leader and effective proven deterrent within this sector - working with 9,000 telecommunication sites, and successfully protecting them against theft, vandalism and trespassing using advanced security measures such as cable marking.

Protecting communities.

Cable theft not only affects telecommunication businesses, but also the millions of people who rely on access to phones and broadband across the UK. By using our advanced technology – such as cable marking - we’re able to fight back and protect businesses and communities.

86% reduction in theft for the UK’s largest broadband provider

Discover how we helped protect the UK’s largest broadband provider from theft.
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Protect your community from every angle

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