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The SmartRecon camera combines artificial intelligence, low-power communication and robust hardware into a rapidly deployable autonomous surveillance system. A wire-free installation, providing reliable visual verification in the harshest of environments.

Sectors included

Construction site security
Utility sector security
Renewable energy security 
 Vacant property security
Remote asset site security
Retail security
Environment monitoring
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SmartRecon Bridges.

Our SmartRecon bridges are a wireless, battery-powered communication gateway, with reliable and encrypted data transfer globally. They transmit imagery data to the 24/7 Alarm Response Centre from Rugged IP67 battery-powered motion-activated cameras, providing real-time high quality images day and night using 940nm covert IR illumination, with artificial Intelligence (AI) based threat recognition.

SmartRecon Cameras.

With an impressive detection range of 35 metres and HD quality footage, our SmartRecon cameras provide quality and reliable visual verification. When paired with the rapid and flexible nature of deployment, and the 24/7 monitoring, the system provides peace of mind to site owners.

System Specification:

Artificial intelligence assesses images filtering >95% of false alarms
Utilises the 4G Network - HD imagery transmitted to ARC
7-day schedules can remotely be set up on the device. 
Has a range of circa 35 metres, even at night.
Battery powered. Up to 400 days battery life.
Tamper alarms escalated, even when the device is disarmed.
Online dashboard to review/monitor images from all detectors.
Audible alarm when installed with SmartRecon siren.

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PID compact technology security accreditations

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