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SmartSpray® is a revolutionary forensic spray system that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing security setup, deterring burglary and robbery through forensic traceability.

Versatile and Flexible.

SmartSpray® has unprecedented versatility and flexibility, meaning it can be installed into a range of environments to secure vulnerable entry points or high value goods. SmartSpray® is trusted by DeterTech customers in the following sectors: 
Jewellers, banks, retail units, vacant property and warehouses. 

Brand Power.

The SmartWater brand has a reputation for jailing criminals, with a 100% conviction rate in contested court cases. As a result, the SmartWater brand is a powerful deterrent to would-be criminals.

Robust Evidence

SmartSpray® can be triggered by a pre-installed alarm system, passive infrared (PIR), or remotely via an online portal. When an intruder triggers SmartSpray®, a stream of SmartWater forensic liquid is released and covers the intruder at the point of activation. SmartWater contains a unique forensic code that links the offender and stolen items back to the scene of the crime. SmartWater forensic liquid is invisible to the naked eye, but glows bright yellow-green under ultraviolet (UV) light, which is how it is detected by law enforcement. It is near impossible to remove and will remain on skin and hair for weeks, even with frequent washing. When the offender departs, they are likely to leave additional evidence in the form of SmartWater handprints and footprints at the scene.
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• 4G cross-network SIM installed inside for robust and reliable connectivity direct to DeterTech Online Portal.
• Built-in power supply to suit a wide range of installation scenarios and applications.
• Remotely update firmware functionality and diagnostics, allows the system to continue running with unnecessary and expensive maintenance visits.
• Portal-based activation (in under 2 seconds) and remote enable/disable of spray system on 4G systems, manually and to a time schedule, keeps you in control.
• Unit locks and is unusable after activation until unlocked by a DeterTech engineer, protecting vital evidence and preventing system tampering.
• Long range KeyFob operation available on selected systems.
• Simple system configuration and setup via local WiFi connection to engineer’s phone. 
• New bottle exchange system means that SmartSpray® can be rearmed with minimal effort, following an activation.
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SmartSpray® is a versatile security spray system, that releases a stream of SmartWater forensic liquid when triggered and covers the intruder at the point of activation. SmartWater contains a unique forensic code that links the offender and stolen items back to the scene of the crime. 

This provides the Police with irrefutable evidence of the criminal’s presence at the crime scene, ensuring a conviction. Additional evidence such as handprints and footprints will also be left at the crime scene.

The system is triggered by an intruder activating a sensor when they enter a protected area or through a panic button activated by a member of staff, and can be configured to work in a burglary and/or robbery situation. SmartSpray® is integrated into your existing alarm system, requiring only a 12V power supply.

The system disperses SmartWater forensic liquid for approximately 8-10 seconds, and is available in different volumes, as well as a selection of nozzles defining the target area, are designed to fulfil your specific installation requirements. The liquid will be dry to the touch in less than one hour.

No. The ‘spray’ targets a defined area, usually a point of access or a specific location within premises, and will not mark the surroundings.

SmartWater forensic liquid can only be transferred before it dries. Once dry there is no risk of any cross-contamination or any individual being marked with the SmartWater forensic liquid. After an activation of SmartSpray®, it is beneficial to leave or avoid the targeted area until it has had a chance to dry as footprints may be used by the police as part of their investigation.

No, the SmartWater forensic liquid is invisible to the naked eye and only detectable under ultraviolet light. Floor covering, paintwork, blinds, etc. will be marked with the taggant, but this will not leave any visible mark or stain. The target area of the spray will be defined by the type of spray nozzle installed.

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