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Civil and Construction.

Protect your construction site, residential spaces and your assets. DeterTech is a trusted market leader in bespoke and temporary security.
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Protect your site from every angle

Reduce risk. Deter intruders. Monitor movement 24/7.

Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to:

  • Premeditated theft of high value vehicles, tools and materials.
  • Trespassers and vandalism, particularly arson.
  • Opportunistic crime.
  • Accidents and incidents.

Construction sites can be easy targets because they're designed for heavy vehicle access, have temporary perimeters, and can go for days without any workforce present. There's a lot of movement in and out of sites, making it easier for intruders to slip in unnoticed.

When sites are particularly 

  • At weekends.
  • Between phases of work.
  • In remote locations.
DeterTech protects thousands of these vulnerable sites through our integrated security solution, providing peace of mind to businesses and communities across the UK and Ireland.

Security designed for construction

Protection from beyond the site perimeter down to individual assets.

  • PID intruder detection
  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • Visual and audible warnings
  • Forensic marking
  • In-house Alarm Receiving Centre

Our integration of intelligence, monitoring and communication protects thousands of public and private sector construction sites.

In the UK and Ireland we can assess and set up security within 48 hours of your enquiry. We have expanding capability in Europe, covering Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Threats to your 
construction sites

Active monitoring of your sites, 24/7, protects your assets and workforce against a variety of risks. Intruders and accidents disrupt operations and cause loss or damage to property and building materials.

Property at risk

  • Buildings under construction or being demolished
  • High value vehicles and tools
  • Fuel
  • Construction material including metal, cables, plumbing supplies
  • Personal possessions of your workforce.

People at risk

  • Your workforce

  • Authorised visitors to the site

  • Trespassers, whether with criminal intent or simply curious.

Operations at risk

  • Injury to key personnel

  • Delays due to loss of equipment or fuel

  • Disruption due to property damage or theft.

*Premeditated or opportunistic theft, vandalism, arson and accidents all create disruption and delay. Deterrence and prevention are much more effective, and less costly, than cleanup, replacement and all the associated administration after an incident.

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Our approach gives us battery life well in excess of other products (proven battery life, not theoretical). It also allows us to be sure our hardware is fully integrated into our security service, and allows us to continually develop.

Protect your construction assets Safeguard everything on site, from heavy plant down to building supplies such as bricks and piping, with our managed security system.

Operating 24/7/365, we monitor perimeter security and protect individual assets. Our tools include

  • PID360
  • CCTV tower
  • SmartReco
  • PID Lite
  • Forensic marking

Our use of the latest security technology is backed by human expertise and experience in our Alarm Receiving Centre. Our specialists in risk management remain constantly alert to threats to your assets.

How it works

Wherever your construction site is in the UK or Ireland, we can deliver and set up quickly within 48 hours of your enquiry. Whether it s a temporary site or will be there for the long term, our approach to setting up security remains the same.
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Step 1 We survey your site

Our security experts evaluate the solutions that will be most suitable, giving you the most cost effective combination of products and services.

Step 2 We install our equipment

All our on site technology, such as CCTV towers and PID 360 intruder detectors, is self sufficient. Each unit combines battery and solar power and communicates with us wirelessly. We design our equipment ourselves for maximum efficiency, and to minimise maintenance, meaning less engineer visits to your site.

Step 3 We monitor

We are unique in the industry to have our own Alarm Receiving Centre we don't rely on third parties. Staffed with an SIA
licensed team, your site is monitored 24/7/365.  Our approach to monitoring is
proactive, using intelligence about crime and anti social behaviour to predict and
deter threats.

Our construction site protection is delivered through a multi layered approach, combining security intelligence, monitoring and alarm technology and forensic marking

Trusted by over a thousand clients in UK
and Ireland

The DeterTech site security team has worked with more than 1,000 companies in the UK and Ireland. Some of the most well-known brands in the construction industry choose us to provide protection for their assets and their workforces.

They value the advice and expertise from a service with a long established record in protection. Our Special Support Team has over 30 years experience of working in the police and enjoys a reputation for successful covert operations on infrastructure and construction sites.

DeterTech enjoys close working relationships with regional police forces across the UK, and with national bodies such as the National Police Chiefs Council, British Transport Police and OPAL (national intelligence unit for serious organised crime).

As a market leader, we re committed to ongoing research and innovation, as we continue to enhance our position as a trusted provider of intelligence led security

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Cost effective site
security, set up fast

Your construction site in the UK or Ireland can be covered by DeterTech security within 48 hours of us receiving your enquiry.
There are no cables, which reduces risks of trips and falls onsite.
PID units can fit into hard to reach areas of your site, including narrow paths where objects obstruct line of vision from towers.
There are less security engineer visits to your site for maintenance, because our equipment is self sufficient for power and communication (unlike generator or gas fed CCTV systems).
Equipment is easy to move around the site as required, as the project progresses.
Our equipment is supplied on a cost effective rental. The weekly hire charge covers maintenance, storage, battery charging and repair costs. There is no capital expense.

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ARC team catch fuel thief red handed

This was a great result for the customer who was able to identify the thief and ensure that he never set foot on the site again.

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Who we work with

Protect your site from every angle

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