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SmartTrace® offers a unique combination of a trusted brand that is feared by criminals and revolutionary forensic marking technology that provides robust traceability to your valuables and assets.

Robust Traceability.

SmartTrace® is our traceable forensic liquid that assigns assets and valuables with their own unique forensic code for a minimum of five-years, even when used outdoors. This allows stolen items marked with SmartTrace® to be traced back to you and criminals back to the crime. There isn’t a more robust forensic liquid on the market – SmartTrace® has been proven to withstand fire, humidity and sunlight.

Brand Power.

SmartTrace® is powered by industry-leading SmartWater® technology. The SmartWater brand has a reputation for jailing criminals, with a 100% conviction rate in contested court cases; as a result, the SmartWater brand is a powerful deterrent to would-be criminals.

Key Features include:

· SmartTrace® is a traceable liquid containing a unique forensic code, that once applied, makes assets traceable back to the original owner. 
· SmartTrace® is easy to apply and near invisible to the naked eye. 
· Near impossible to remove. 
· Glows bright yellow-green under UV light, which is how it is detected by law enforcement. 
· All solutions are supplied with a range of SmartWater® branded deterrent labels, providing a powerful warning to would-be criminals.
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SmartTrace® forensic liquid assigns your assets with their own unique code, allowing them to be traced back to you and criminals back to the crime. SmartTrace® is powered by the revolutionary forensic marking technology, SmartWater.

No, all SmartWater products instead contain metal-based inert, inorganic compounds, making them significantly more robust than DNA. By its very nature, DNA is extremely fragile and can be easily removed using basic household cleaning products and is destroyed under short term exposure to ultraviolet light. This makes DNA unsuitable for long-term property marking.

Yes, as the liquid is not DNA-based, it is able to withstand long-term, direct exposure to sunlight, weathering and extreme temperatures. SmartWater’s traceable liquid products conform to the highest possible standards of robustness (Grade A External specification, BSI PAS 820:2012).

The unique forensic code is guaranteed to last a minimum of five-years, even when used outdoors, if applied in accordance with the application instructions supplied with your liquid.

SmartWater offers a totally generic form of traceability, so it can be used to mark almost any item – including IT equipment, jewellery, vehicles, sporting equipment, ornaments tools and plant machinery.

In larger quantities,  SmartTrace® can be applied to valuable external items such as lead roofs, stone, and high value metal cable.

No, because the SmartTrace® liquid in your pack is uniquely registered to you and the protected address. If you don’t own a piece of property or it is kept at another address, then don’t mark it with your liquid.

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