SmartWater® is now part of  DeterTech.

SmartWater®, our award winning forensic marking technology, is now part of DeterTech. We’re still on hand to provide you with security solutions that make a difference, but now we have even more to offer. 

 We created DeterTech to provide people, businesses and communities with highly innovative and intelligence-led security solutions all under one roof. From crime intelligence to forensic marking, access control to site security, we offer the best security services to significantly reduce the risk of crime. 

 Put simply, we give greater peace of mind to people, businesses and communities, every day. 
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Our unique forensic marking technology provides a legally irrefutable way to deter theft, identify assets and help convict criminals. SmartWater® SmartTrace® assigns your possessions with a unique forensic code whereas SmartSpray® covers intruders with a forensic liquid when entering a protected building. The liquid is invisible to the naked eye, but is detectable under ultraviolet light. SmartWater® is the only forensic marking security solution with a 100% conviction rate in contested court cases therefore is a powerful deterrent to criminals.
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Other innovative security solutions

Crime Intelligence.

Our intelligence-led technology assists in preventing crime by delivering actionable insights. This allows for optimising resource allocation to effectively deter criminals, and ensures people and communities are protected.

Access Control.

Our tailored security solution brings together leading hardware and software technologies with physical barriers. Our strict compliance with health and safety regulations also ensures your peace of mind that your site is secure.

Site Sensors.

Our managed security solution offers a range of health, safety and environmental sensors to ensure sites are safe and compliant. Our end-to-end security solution includes rental, installation, monitoring and alerts.

Site Security.

Our fully managed innovative security solution provides your site with 360 degree protection using advanced wireless technology. It can be easily integrated to meet your asset and perimeter security needs on-site.

Why choose DeterTech?

We predict.

Our security solutions constantly analyse data to identify new hotspots, patterns and trends. We can effectively predict the types of crime, when they are most likely to take place and where.

We deter.

We believe that reducing the risk of crime contributes positively to society. Our commitment to reduce and deter crime shines through in our advanced security solutions.
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We detect.

Our security solutions ensure that criminals are easy to detect, and we’ve retained a 100% conviction rate in contested court cases over the last 25-years since the company was founded.

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