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57% reduction in catalytic converter theft

The SmartWater Group (now known as DeterTech) is pleased to announce J Day Engineering is helping to put the brakes on rising rates of catalytic converter theft, having signed up as the first Authorised Registration Centre for its new National Asset Database.

James Day, Founder of J Day Engineering, comments:  “As a community-focused garage we are very keen to be part of the solution to rising catalytic converter thefts in Henstridge and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to be working with SmartWater to help the police and bring added peace of mind to our customers.”

About the campaign

The Group’s police-supported national vehicle security campaign, involves marking catalytic converters with a unique and near impossible to remove forensic liquid that has been proven to deter thieves and help police identify stolen property. Garages, service stations and MOT Testing Stations are encouraged to come on board to help roll the initiative out nationwide as quickly as possible.

The problem

Alongside many other areas of the country, Somerset and Avon have suffered a consistent rise in catalytic converter theft since February this year. It is a crime that causes significant distress as it leaves drivers with an unroadworthy vehicle and an average replacement bill of £1,300. With some vehicles even having to be written-off.

The solution

To tackle this J Day Engineering has committed to applying the solution and registering customers’ vehicles on the national asset database, either for a small fee or free-of-charge with any vehicle service*. 

James Day, adds,

“SmartWater is a highly proven deterrent to criminals as it makes stolen parts too hot to handle. We look forward to rolling out this technology, reducing theft and playing our part in creating a better and safer community for all.” 

Gary Higgins, Chief Operations Officer at DeterTech Group added,

“ We are delighted to welcome J Day Engineering on board as our first aftermarket Registration Centre. Their enthusiasm to come on board is testament to their dedication to vehicle safety. We look forward to working with them and with other aftermarket service providers who want to join us on our mission to eradicate catalytic converter theft. ”

About the scheme

The aftermarket scheme follows the success of an initiative led by the Home Office funded National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership and supported by Toyota UK and SmartWater, which achieved a

57% reduction in catalytic converter theft

Greater accessibility is now being enabled with the support of aftermarket partners, such as MOT test stations, garages and dealerships. 

As an authorised registration centre, MOT stations and other aftermarket companies gain an additional revenue stream through marking and registering their customers’ catalytic converters. Meanwhile, car owners gain the peace of mind that comes with having their vehicles protected by SmartWater and their catalytic converter recorded on the ‘National Asset Database’.

Find out more

Any MOT, auto service centre or car dealership interested in being appointed as a Registration Centre should contact us.

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