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ARC team catch fuel thief red handed 

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Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).
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At DeterTech, we have security solutions capable of protecting almost every area on a construction site. When the red diesel ban on construction sites coincided with the price of fuel hitting record highs in 2022, our fuel protection services quickly became in demand. 

Our fuel protection solution comprises of two systems, PID 360 and SmartRecon, that work hand in hand to deter thieves and monitor a construction site's fuel supply 24 hours a day.

PID 360, formerly known as the Armadillo VideoGuard 360, is our industry-leading intruder detection camera. It provides out-of-hours protection, with 360 degree vision, low lighting capabilities, high-intensity illuminators and a 110db audio warning alarm. All PID 360s are monitoring by our BS EN50518 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), 24-7-365. 

The complimentary addition of the self-monitored camera system, SmartRecon, will send email alerts to designated contact(s) the instant a person on site approaches your fuel bowser, day or night. 

The system paid dividends for a customer recently saving them significant sums in lost fuel. The sharp instincts and superb diligence of our SIA licenced operatives in our ARC caught a fuel thief red handed. 

On an early Thursday morning, a member of our ARC team was alerted to unusual activity at the client's site and immediately notified the security manager in charge. Upon arriving at the construction site, the site manager discovered that a sub-contracted employee had been stealing diesel from the fuel bowser to fill up his own vehicle. 

This was a great result for the customer who were able to identify to thief and ensure that he never set foot on the site again. 

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If you have fuel that you would like to protect, or any other items of high value on your site, then get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote. 

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