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Protecting Vacant Properties with DeterTech's Advanced Security Solutions


02 June 2023

As we approach the summer months it is important to consider the large number of premises that are temporarily left unoccupied.

Schools and offices, even some shops and construction sites, briefly shut down to accommodate staff holidays, leaving them at increased risk of theft, vandalism and trespass at this time of year. In some countries, like Sweden, it can feel like whole cities are deserted for much of July!

DeterTech offers a comprehensive range of security-related services and products that provide a tiered strategy to protect empty buildings. Let's explore some of the core solutions provided by DeterTech: Crime Intelligence, Site Security & Forensic Marking.

Crime Intelligence: Stay One Step Ahead

Effective vacant property protection requires an understanding of criminal trends and patterns. DeterTech’s Crime Intelligence unit stays abreast of local crime reports, law enforcement agency updates and industry crime data, providing vital insights into criminal methods and actions. With this knowledge, DeterTech can put together bespoke security plans that minimise risk and give property managers greater peace of mind.  

Site Security: Visually Verified Monitoring

The single most effective first line of defence that can be put in place is 24/7 monitoring by SIA licenced operators. Deployed either in place of or alongside traditional manned guarding, it provides around-the-clock protection and eliminates the potential for costly false alarms. DeterTech’s solutions include the industry leading PID 360, Compact and Tower systems, all of which are connected to our BSI EN50518:2019 approved alarm receiving centre (ARC).

Forensic Marking: Irrefutable Proof

Forensic Marking with SmartWater is the logical final step in a layered approach to vacant property protection. The knowledge that a site is ‘Protected by SmartWater’ – communicated through clear signage at entry points to the property – is enough for most criminals to steer well clear. And in the unlikely event that an individual still fancies their chances, it maximises the possibility of them being identified and of stolen property being returned. SmartWater is the only unique traceable liquid with a 100% conviction rate when used as evidence in contested court cases. It can be used to mark valuable assets and a trace the size of a full stop is all that is needed for DeterTech forensic scientists to link the item or criminal back to the scene of the crime.

If you have a requirement for vacant property security then get in touch with us for a free no-obligation quote.

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