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Forensic Marking.

Our unique SmartWater® forensic marking technology marks both assets and intruders, providing a legally irrefutable way to deter theft, identify assets and convict criminals. Our SmartTrace® and SmartSpray® products have been proven in domestic and commercial environments for over 20-years.
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SmartWater has a 100% conviction rate in contested court cases


A trace of SmartWater the size of a full stop is all our forensic scientists require to identify the unique code and provide irrefutable evidence that links criminals to the scene of their crime.


SmartWater forensic marking solution is the toughest tracing system available, and can withstand explosive blasts, harsh solvents and the worst weather conditions possible for a minimum of five years.


SmartWater is the only forensic marking technology that retains a 100% conviction rate in contested court cases. The process of identifying SmartWater is fully compliant with the Forensic Science Regulator's Codes of Practice.

Our successful track record.

Widely adopted by UK law enforcement, rail and highways network operators, the retail sector, and places of worship. SmartWater forensic liquid products have a successful track record in reducing crime; achieving an 86% reduction in cable theft for BT, and 57% reduction in catalytic converter theft nationally with Toyota.

Forensic links.

Each solution of SmartWater contains a unique combination of elements that provides near limitless permutations, each of which can be linked to a single application. Invisible to the naked eye, SmartWater glows yellow-green under ultraviolet (UV) light, which is how it is detected by law enforcement.

SmartWater forensic marking products 


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Fall in catalytic converter thefts thanks to SmartWater security initiative

Catalytic converter thefts have more than halved thanks to parts being forensically marked by SmartWater.
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