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Top 5 reasons why visually verified video surveillance is best


11 May 2023

Video surveillance is an essential element of modern security systems, helping to enhance public safety, deter crime and provide objective evidence in the case of an incident.

However, not all video surveillance systems are created equal, and visually verified video surveillance stands out as the best option.

Unlike traditional CCTV systems, DeterTech’s portable intrusion detection units and SmartRecon cameras are designed to share footage in real-time with our 24/7 ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre).

Here are the top 5 reasons why visually verified video surveillance is the best choice for enhancing security.

  1. ARC integration: DeterTech’s SIA-licensed operatives monitor live video feeds 24/7 to give greater peace of mind, every day. This allows for immediate response to any suspicious activity or security breach, including contacting local law enforcement, notifying the security team onsite, or activating other pre-agreed security measures. The ability to have real-time support from trained personnel ensures that any security breaches are addressed promptly, helping to prevent crime before it happens.
  2. Proactive Crime Prevention: Our highly visible PID units act as a clear deterrent to criminals. In fact, in most cases their mere presence is enough to discourage theft, trespass and vandalism. In the event of a site incursion this is monitored in real-time from the ARC. Our intruder detection system will activate with visual and audible warnings, and will almost immediately notify our monitoring colleagues that a presence has been detected. If the warnings fail to deter the intruder, the ARC will continue tracking their movements while notifying site security and law enforcement.
  3. Avoid false alarms: Is that alert a real security threat or has a fox just walked past our camera? Only a mere 1% of CCTV footage is reviewed by humans and even with video analytics it’s not realistic or time-efficient to expect in-house security guards to consistently be in front of a screen responding to threats in real-time. Visually verified video surveillance through a dedicated ARC roots out false alarms with all the cost-efficiencies associated with operating at scale on behalf of hundreds of sites, nationwide.
  4. Focus on Immediate Actions: Visually verified video surveillance is not just about recording what happened last night, but about what can be done now. With live video feeds and real-time support from trained personnel, visually verified video surveillance allows for immediate actions to be taken in case of a security breach. This can include notifying the police, dispatching security personnel, or activating other security measures. This immediate response can help to mitigate the damage and prevent further incidents from occurring, ensuring the safety of your premises and assets.
  5. Provides Peace of Mind: Knowing that both property and employees are being actively monitored by trained personnel can provide peace of mind. Visually verified video surveillance offers an added layer of security, giving both companies and clients confidence that their security needs are being met.

Given the constantly evolving criminal landscape, visually confirmed video surveillance is the ideal solution for businesses and homes seeking optimum protection and peace of mind.

When compared to standard CCTV systems, visually verified video surveillance provides unparalleled security benefits due to its connection to an Alarm Receiving Centre, skilled employees and real-time support, proactive crime prevention, and emphasis on immediate actions.

Visually confirmed video surveillance is the best choice for maintaining the safety and security of your premises if you want a security solution that can actively prevent crime, give real-time monitoring, and prove liability after the fact.

If you have a site that requires verified video surveillance then get in touch for a free no-obligation quote.

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