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DeterTech Protects Discovery of Extraordinary Roman Villa

The site of the roman villa being protected by two PID 360s.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, a landowner’s son unearthed the beginnings of an ancient Roman villa alongside one of the most significant mosaics of its kind ever found in Britain. Historic England were able to secure funding for urgent archaeological investigations, and due to the national importance of the site, they contacted the security experts at DeterTech for help keeping the site of the discovery secure from trespass and intrusion. 

Who are Historic England?

Historic England are the public body that looks after England’s historic environment. Historic England champion historic places, identify and protect English heritage and understand historic places. 

How did DeterTech help?

Due to the significance of the discovery, Historic England were concerned that intruders might enter the area to carry out illegal metal detecting, and disturb the ongoing excavation while archaeologists were not on site. They required a solution that would act as an effective deterrent outside digging hours, but would not disturb the professionals while they were working during the day. 

The DeterTech site security experts surveyed the location and determined that deploying eight PID 360s strategically across the site would be the most suitable solution for keeping intruders out. Units were placed at key entry points around the perimeter and more tactical points close to the dig. With their 360-degree field of view, audio and visual warning triggers and four-year battery life, the PID 360s were an excellent solution to Historic England’s requirement. 

Due to the significant nature of the discovery, it was also vital that the site’s location was kept secret and only known to those working there. Due to our experience working with customers across an array of industries, we understand there are often projects that require complete discretion, and we were more than happy to oblige Historic England’s request. 

What were the results? 

The PID 360s remained on site throughout the whole dig and investigations, and there were no incidents or attempted intrusions. Once the archaeologists had finished the site was backfilled to protect it for future generations and the PID 360s were subsequently off hired. 

Advice from the experts 

Discoveries of historical significance will normally always generate a significant amount of interest and intrigue, and this can often lead to site intrusion and illegal metal detecting taking place. Due to the national importance of discoveries like this, it is crucial that archaeological organisations implement stringent security measures to ensure their sites remain undisturbed. 

If you have a project that is sensitive in nature and requires an intruder detection system, then get in touch to find out how our range of innovative security solutions can give you greater peace of mind.  

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