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Hire Now or Pay Later - Christmas Security From DeterTech

PID 360 securing a construction site that has had snowfall.

The end of the year is fast approaching and there’s still an awful lot that needs to be done between now and Christmas. But don’t leave plans for a secure site shutdown to the last minute.

We’ll always bend over backwards to try and assist you, but this is our busiest time of the year and there are only so many of our PID 360 intrusion detection systems to go around.

Just one phone call today could save you a lot of time, stress and hassle. Lock in your order and guarantee your preferred installation dates before it’s too late. 

Do I need enhanced site security at this time of year?

In short, yes.

At DeterTech we keep a close eye on the movement and activities of organised criminal gangs. We also pay close attention to activations triggered in our BSI EN50518: approved alarm receiving centre (ARC).

That’s why we can confidently state this is the period when your site should be considered most vulnerable. Activations requiring a police response always spike in November and December, remaining high well into January.

Peace of mind for you, your employees, and partners, depends on putting enhanced temporary site security protections in place over this crucial period.

How DeterTech can support you

We specialise in offering fully managed temporary site security services to a wide variety of sectors, including construction, retail, and rail. Our state-of-the-art 24/7 PID 360 units provide both deterrence and round-the clock monitoring, ensuring the security of your site at all times.

All possible intrusions are evaluated in real-time by our trained operators, with any suspicious activity escalated to a pre-agreed list of keyholders, mobile security teams or law enforcement.

We can provide the additional temporary site security that ensures you can relax and enjoy the festive season. Book today for the best possibility of securing your preferred installation dates.

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